Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pengu Miilyobo

The tradition of conflict dates back to time immemorial. When a person with special attributes is defeated in such conflicts, history is made. There was such a person of high status named Pengu Miilyobo who lived in Pengu in the Ziro valley. There were others with similar status like Siilaň Santii, Dilaň Taribo, Asaň Korlaň and Aha Korlaň who made constant plans to eliminate him. Aha Korlaň first tried to demolish Pengu Miilyobo, but could not budge him. After several such attempts it was Asaň Korlaň who finally came with storm, lightning and thunders and destroyed Pengu Miilyobo.

Pengu Miilyobo fell, but his remains can still be seen in various locations in Apatani plateau. The head – adiň and chest – habyaň are at Supyu, about a kilometer north-west of Lempia village. The picture above is the head and the one below is the chest.

Piidiň or the hairknot can be seen at Khogyo at Hong village.

And this is Pengu Miilyobo's breast or anyiň.

The female reproductive organ of Pengu Miilyobo can be seen at the paddy fields of Gano at Bamin village. It is called Gano Pedebo.

Likewise, Gano Yidebo or the male reproductive organ is up in the hills at Gano. (Could this be the original Shiva Linga?)

(Apologies for the picture quality)


  1. Next time I am in Ziro, I must visit this myth laden stones.

  2. interesting!! use to hear during childhood days.well done....

  3. Had these remains been there in western countries, they would have been protected and preserved with utmost care with displayed description. And we Indian would have visited and appreciated its marvelousness. But in India, we have many such things but who cares? Can these things be protected and preserved by us or the authority concern? These are valueless remains of our civilizationa and evolution. Let's do something.