Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New ZPMs of Ziro-I

I was curious about the results of Panchayat election, the counting of which was taking place yesterday. I called a friend and found out the following result for Zilla Parishad Members:
Diibo- Bamin Siri (bt Michi Shalla)
Hari - Hage Shalla Yassung (bt Hage Tara Asha)
Hija - Nada Dumi bt (Dani Dumi)
Kalung-Reru - Nani Tani (bt Subu Kojee, Subu Lento and Kuru Tai)
Hong Nichii - Hibu Uma (bt Punyo Kathe)
Niiti - Tilling Dolley (bt Tilling Tadii)


  1. All the panchayat members should be aware of their fundamental rights and duties,not merely to become members of electoral bodies of local MLAs and MPs to satisfy their selfish motives! A social activist might be a better politician than any other.

  2. Well said. Let us look forward with hope.