Sunday, July 6, 2008

Games Children Play

It has been some years since I participated in the Dree festival. When I briefly sneaked into the Dree ground in Itanagar yesterday, pleasant memories came flooding in. There was a lovely display of the game the Apatani children of the yore played. Ah, no, it has not been very long time back. Not very long ago, children still played 'achie taker' - in which they competed with each other counting as many stars as possible. There was then the 'ilyo tatu' game in which they urged their friends to come out in the evening to play. The one displayed here is a combination of many evening games. I sometimes pity today's children who get bored watching televisions or playing video games.

Will those carefree days ever come back to Ziro?

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  1. when the author has tried to exhibit orinalities of Apatainis by displaying photographs of Siigang, Bogo,Lapang and the games of Achi-Takre etc, some photographs of orinal countryside where those children played achie-tadre game and where those irrigation engineers of siigang/Bogo lived should have also been posted to wider exposer to the viewers.