Saturday, August 23, 2008

View from Paku Akhii Putu

We, as children, used to look up at Paku Akhii Putu and were sure that this was the highest mountain in the world that formed the northernmost boundary of earth. I particularly remember an evening when a wildfire had broke up at the hill and we were watching it burning from our riibii in the village.

Paku Akhii literally means 'pigeon's intestine'. But I wonder if it would better mean 'Pigeon's Breast' as the hill may be likened to a pigeon's breast. I could not find out why the hill got its name.

Whatever the reason for the name, it's a great view from the top. One can see the entire valley except the Hapoli township. The altitude at the top is about 6000 ft and it takes less than an hour to hike up there from Chabo at the foothill. Chabo is about a kilometer from Bopu at Lempia. One has the option of trekking through the rice paddy or the bamboo gardens of Koko. The hike up the hill itself is an experience worth undergoing. The chirping of the birds above and rustling leaves below add spice to the enchanting forests around.

At the top of Paku Akhii Putu, there are lots of trenches dug during 1962 Indo-China War. There is a big tree with magnificent branches underneath of which is said to be a favorite haunt of the deers. Wild fowls also abound here. There is a stream some minutes from the top on the other side. This is where the drinking water supply of Lempia, Ziro and Bulla originate.

Paku Akhii Putu is a perfect spot for overnight camping which is my next plan.


  1. Never been there before. Someday, would like to visit and may accompany you for overnight camping.
    And yea, your blogs are very informative. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you, loder and welcome to Paku Akhii Putu.