Sunday, October 4, 2009

First College at Ziro

Ziro is today known for the numbers of good quality private schools. What was lacking was an institute for higher education. In spite of being one of the oldest district headquarters in Arunachal Pradesh, there was no sight of such an institute. All these changed, however, when the picturesque Salalya was donated to the Claretian Missionaries to establish a college in 2003. The St. Claret College, Ziro came into existence.

A pleasant road now leads to the sprawling college campus. One goes through the Laji Bogya where the Bulla Middle School, one of the oldest schools in the entire area is located. With the Kalung Rantii on the right and mythical Dogiñ Nanii on the left, one can see magestic pine trees and picture post-card like landscapes all along.

The neatly maintained college in the cradle of nature is worth a visit.


  1. the campus looks cool. ll send my son there:)

  2. academic performance is not bad either. Some statistic on academic performance will make it better.

  3. the building has come up beautiful.. and i was thinking the college was still run on make-shift huts.

  4. @Bomken, tutho & wiian, thanks for visiting.
    yes, the infrastructure development has progressed pretty fast. apart from the building seen in the picture, which is the teaching as well as the administrative building, the college has a two-storeyed girls' hostel (accommodating 80 students). land development of the playground has been completed.
    the college is giving 100% result till now. it was the winner of some kind (not sure just now) award from the Arunachal (RG) University to which it is affiliated.
    there is no hostel for the boys but at least three buses ferry the students to and from the college.

  5. i visited the college two months back...i think not having govt degree college in ziro has served as a blessing in disguise otherwise we wouldn't have thought of having SCC at ziro

  6. The readers might be interested to further explore St Claret College through its website: