Friday, March 16, 2018



It was spring again. Tarú, the mosquito was looking forward to it. No sooner did he feel the first waft of the warm wind, he set out for the country of Miyu, the man. Out of the thick vegetation, amidst the chirps of the birds and hum of the bees, ignoring the crouching leopard and the barking deer, Tarú flied towards the hills.  He did not pause to admire the opening buds of spring on the flowering trees or the sprouting fresh leaves.

At the usual resting place, the Nyatù, Taru sat down on a twig of a dried plant. He longingly looked towards the plateau, expecting his ally any time. Tapiñ, the ice, was his ally in their fight against Miyu. There was a puff of cold air, and sure enough, Tapiñ came floating with the northern wind.

“Good to see you, my friend!” Tarú greeted gleefully.

“Good to see you, friend!” Tapiñ did not look very happy.

“How was your adventure this time?” Tarú asked with curiosity.

“Tough as usual,” Tapiñ said. “Miyu is as clever as ever.”

“Tell me, friend,” Tarú said.

“At his home, Miyù kept me away with the ever glowing fire in the hearth,” Tapiñ narrated. “He protected himself with thick quilts when he slept.”

“What about your plan to attack him outside his home and by the village well?”

“He is always well protected even outside his home. He keeps his body covered with thick cloths which I cannot penetrate. In the fields and forests, he keeps me away with the incessant movement of his limbs which keep him warm.”

“Let us not lose heart,” Tarú said. “This time I will certainly finish him.”

“All the best, my friend,” Tapiñ said. And as usual, they parted way, promising to meet again next season.

(to be continued..........)

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