Monday, May 19, 2008

Dream Ziro

These are pictures of Circleville, a small unheard of village in Pendleton Country in West Virginia where I am putting up these few days. Walking these streets, my thoughts go back to the Apatani villages and the contrasts cannnot be more striking. It is not to say that one village is better than the other - but it makes one wonder, you know.

The similarity with the Apatani villages is that none of the houses in this village need to be locked when the owner goes out. Since everybody know each other, there is high degree of trust.

Did you notice the electric post? It is wooden. It striked me when I saw these wooden poles in Harrisonburgh near Washington DC in my first visit to US. These poles in the village is less striking, but gives a rural touch to the entire landscape.


  1. Hey! I really liked your blog. Keep up the good work. Its so heartening to see people trying to preserve their culture & heritage in whatever form is possible. I sure feel like visiting Ziro someday. I also visiting another beutiful blog on the same subject.

    Thanks for visiting mine.

  2. Can we transform Ziro into another Circleville?....Hopes are kicking and alive:)