Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Higher Secondary School

Ziro Higher Secondary School, Ziro. This is the institute which has produced scores of people of high calibre making their contributions in vaious walks of life throughout the country today. This was the feeder school for the whole of ertwhile Subansiri area comprising of today's Upper Subansiri, Kurung Kumey, Lower Subansiri and Papum Pare. If anybody is maintaining a list of institutions with historic significance, this is one.

Sadly, the school infrastructures are falling apart. The performance of students also have fallen to abysmally low status, though occasional exceptional students have managed to keep up its reputation. The work culture of teachers and attitudes of the studentts need urgent review. On the other hand, the communities which have received so much from the school need to start considering some kind of reciprocal gesture.

The school compound remains magnificent inspite of alleged encroachments by owners of land surrounding it. The compound occupies the best hillock in the whole of Ziro Valley.


  1. I guess my wife stays nearby HR. school. Will get chance to visit this jan. fantastic place...

  2. Dear Bomken, certainly make it a point to visit ziro but not the H S School Ziro especially the hostel in its present condition. It is so because you would not belive how such school could produce so many scholars, technocrates so on. I am also a product of this schoool. During our time it was not like that. The world is progressing but this school is regressing.