Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ali inii-nanii

A brief visit to the Dree celebration in Itanagar hurls me back to the days we used to fulfill our fantasy of being tall. I spoted some children trying to use bamboo stilts (ali inii-nanii).

Varieties of competitions could be carried out using bamboo stilts. One was how tall one can make the stilts. Some dare-devil children made them as tall as highest riibii in the village, so that they could directly step on the stilt from there. Other popular competition was to try to topple one another and the person who is still walking on the stilt at the end wins. The stilts had to be made sturdy and short for such competitions.

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  1. Some of the games the we played with 'ali inii nanii', I still remember were 'hargohalo karka siinii', 'koka siinii' and even played foofball.