Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monsoon at Ziro

The word ‘monsoon’ doesn’t make much sense to the people at Ziro as it rains throughout the year here. However, it rains more in summer – from May to August, making them the wettest months of the year. In that sense it is monsoon now. Every part of the year brings with it unique features of nature. Most of these days, the misty look during rains – miido kamo – gives the landscape a mysterious touch. And after the rain, nature is as fresh as it should be after a refreshing shower.

It is a good time now to visit Ziro to enjoy the bountiful nature. It is green everywhere. The bamboo shoots have grown into young bamboos. Most trees in the nearby forests are donned in new leaves and proudly sway in the gentle winds. The irrigation channels – the siigañs – are filled with briskly flowing water. The green paddy fields are dotted with bent figures of women, busy weeding and collecting edible items like bulyu, tasiñ, chunyi and ngiiyi atuu.

Ziro, with its pleasant weather now, is an ideal place to escape, even for a while, from the sweltering heat of Itanagar or Kimin, leisurely driving up just for 4 hours.


  1. was home for a very brief period at the end of june. i missed the rains but not the aji ngi and a sudu of bulyu.

  2. this blog entry brings out the beauty of the place. thanks. more such stuff please.

  3. However, we are missing 'yorly kalyanii' 'piidi kalyanii' to scare away the crows and birds. Those days these were the occassions make new girl friends or to meet the old ones. 'Biisi' was one of the most popular media through which girls or boys were communicating entice, cajole,...