Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Water Supply System

The first water supply system in the Ziro area is 51 years old now. Indira Gandhi inaugurated the system at Hari village on March 18, 1958.

What impresses one is the fact that inaugural plate is written in Hindi as well as Apatani. The Apatani version says:
Hari Yasi Sukuñ
Srimati Indira Gandhi mukobite
Mloko Polo, 18 March 1958

I have seen innumerable inaugural plates prepared under the supervision of Apatani officers today, but not a single one written in Apatani. Can we learn from the past?


  1. Well Kanno. Keep discovering such historical and heritage importance.

    Millo Tago

  2. Thanks, Tago. Trust you all are doing well.

  3. This site has been an amazing discovery I made today! will surely check it out for more!!!

  4. Kanno,
    Doing wonderful. Tnx 4 enquiry. Find out "Nenchang Dulyang" and publish its photo with description in your next post. Why don't you do something for foundation stone of Ziro which might be located near the old AYA club.

    My email is " please send message.

  5. @Tago, I have already covered Ziro foundation stone. It's here: