Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Rainbow - Nyime Yaru

If there is anything associated with monsoon at Ziro, the most pleasant one is the Nyime-yaru - the rainbow. It is believed to be the god that stops the rain from coming nearer. Whenever a rainbow appears, the rain does not move any nearer and usually stops. Sounds unbelievable, but it happens to be a fact!

One thing is sure - I have never seen rainbows in any other place as often as at Ziro.


  1. nice picture.

    haven't seen one rainbow in my 2 years stay in bangalore

  2. Nice photo !!!
    Rainbow is also call as NYIME-YARU(in hija).

  3. @tdtara, rainbow is actually called nyime-yaru, as you rightly points out. I was wrong. Thanks for mentioning this. I appreciate it and have corrected the text.

  4. Will it be right to say, 'talhii lattu' is shorter version of 'nyime yaru'?
    Comment please.

  5. @Tago. I think 'nyime yaru' makes a semi circle and 'taliih laatu' (sorry for experimenting with spellings) is shorter than a semi circle - giving the appearance of a straight line. Just my opinion.

  6. Kanno,
    Thanks. Etiology of 'nyime yaru'? In Apatani, nyime means north (hill) and nyipa mean south (plain). Then why nyime yaru only? Is there anything like nyipa yaru also? Please throw some light.