Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Biirii Lemba

When the Apatanis migrated to Ziro Valley in an unknown time, they are said to have settled down at the present Biirii. And it was here that the common Myoko festival was celebrated before the present system in which each Takuñ Putu celebrate it in turn every year was started.

Till now, Biirii was a sleepy little place with few houses amidst sea of millet gardens -lyapyos. Not any longer. It is becoming the hub of the Ziro valley again with more houses being constructed and more people settling down here.

The increasing popularity of the village lodge here could show a way forward for developing rural tourism.

Some areas, however, retain the old world charm of lyapyos and yorlus. It is still a pleasure driving through the village slowly. Or still better strolling leisurely, absorbing the green all around and inhaling the sweet aroma of nature.

Welcome to an upcoming model village!


  1. wow, such a beautiful serene place. i love the dark green aura. love to visit this place :)

  2. Beautiful Pictures!

    LT @

  3. ll be visiting these places soon. nice pics man..

  4. Kanno,
    Is sarpu sarse is still being cultivated in ziro? Try to keep some seeds of those and so also seeds of "Radhe emo, elang emo' etc. I will be a real germ plasm for future. Plz let me know about the result.