Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Women Pioneers

Pumiñ, Pubyañ, Yalyo, Yabo, Soki and Soli stand tall and proud overseeing the welfare of the village.

They are are the sacred trees - rantii piisas - in Hari Rantii. Hari rantii is one of the best sacred groves in whole of Ziro. The trees, some of the tallest trees today are said to have been named after the women who planted them when they migrated to the present habitat.

It is significant that the trees are named after women. The magnificent trees are testimony to the roles women must have played in the society from the time immemorial. One feels humbled to walk amidst these magestic trees now. It is sheer pleasure, though.


  1. Firs Indian Environment movement like Chipko movement started under the leadership of women. Recent one like Narmada Bachao Andolan is spear headed by a social worker Medha Patekar. Rantii piisa planted by those legendary should find a mention in the Indian environmental literature. Please try to high light this in an appropriate forum. Lots of research need to be done. May I help if so require.


  2. @Tago, go ahead. You are the right person to lead. We are just laymen noticing interesting facts on the way. Count on our support.

  3. Kanno,
    Plz try to find out the fact about our 'Tapii Lantii'. 'Yapung Yapre', Laynako etc and give a brief note on that. Why not try on 'Rannu Akhii, Myamya' etc too. Some note will always add spice.