Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas again. Colorful stars can be seen glowing in many houses, though erratic power supply these days at Ziro is spoiling the fun.

I retrieved a statue of Mother Mary, strategically placed at a natural cave at St. Claret College at Salalya.

Merry Christmas to everybody!


  1. Interesting and excellent timing !
    Let us thank and praise the lord Jesus for giving us these beautiful moments of sharing warm wishes.
    Merry Christmas to all !
    - Tari

  2. Tari, more such places to be discovered at Ziro. Do visit again.

  3. Sure Kanno, m always there; our Ziro has always been a lovely place yet to be fully explored in all aspects - they say, Shillong is the Scotland of India, Vaishno Devi and Amarnath caves in J&K draw what No of pilgrims..; the Nilgiris, the Pink City, Mecca & Medina .. etc, etc. Our Ziro is no less, if not more. An excellent effort, carry on regardless !