Monday, December 7, 2009

Revisiting Kardo Hills - III

Strange but true - the Shiva Linga in the Kardo Hills is said to be mentioned in the 1893 edition of Shiva Purana.

Shiva Purana was compiled by Sage Veda Vyas and is one of the eighteen important sacred Hindu texts. What lends credence to the claim of Kardo Hills connection with the Shiva Purana is that the discovery of a giant Linga in the Himalayas is predicted in the sacred book. As can be read in the third line from the bottom in the picture, the name Arunachal is mentioned in the text.

Whatever the fact, the site attracts different kinds of visitors and some permanent inhabitants like the pigeon here.


  1. 1.' Arunachal' did not exist before 1972.

    2.'arunachal' is a generic word--any place can be called such by the region located west of it.

    3.Hindu scriptures are notorious for their interpolations and lack of a temporal reference.This 'booklet' could have been printed in a roadside yesrterday for all we know.

    4.The Kardo 'shivling' requires some imagination(which is not lacking:)--'true' shivlings look pretty better defined.

    5.The is INDEED an Arunachal mountain mentioned in Hindu scriptures with a massive lingam located in it--but its in Tiruvannamalai, tamilnadu

    conclusion: the 'scripture' prophesy is unlikely to be based on facts

  2. All good arguments, Buru. But I always say let us give the believers a chance.

  3. ARUNACHAL in 1893 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. By any means have you heard of HANUMAN YALLANG (Stone) at the east of Reru Village crossing the Hill Piisanii yobu just nearby (now) ring road (5 or 6 KM from village) . It exactly resembles the head of a Hanuman.

  5. Thanks, Padi for the information about the interesting yalañ. Will try to visit it some day.