Saturday, March 27, 2010

Midiñ - Green Beds

The seed beds - midiñs - are turning from black to yellow to green these days at Ziro.

It won't be long when the growing paddy plants will be taller and ready to be transplanted in the fields. In the meantime, the fields are filled with water and getting ready for the next season of agriculture.


  1. You are simply good in keeping up with your passion and purpose with such consistency. Rest of us seems to have flashes of intense samaritan feeling towards our community and our place, but are not able to keep up our samaritan feelings beyond the sphere of those momentary feelings of remorse and idealistic selfless desires.
    Keep it up.

    Coming back to your post, soon it will be time for rice transplatation. Soon, from a far away childhood, memories will invade my ideaslistic life .... drenching me with those forlorn emotions of childhood adventures and romance .. of some sweet memories and some thing bitter as well. Oh those moments when life was full of spices of bitter -sweet pranks and romance.

  2. thanks, sulu. it is simply impossible not to note the wonders that our place has even as we are busy negotiating all the turns and twists of life.

  3. thats what I say here again for Sulu, 'though born at gorgeous Ziro valley but spending 80% of life outside Ziro valley'. so sorry for you......