Saturday, April 3, 2010

Neha Apu

When a mother is getting ready to leave for the fields, the child cries, insisting that she wants to go with her. "The field is very far, my child," the mother cajoles. "Play at home and I will get neha apu for you."

Just as the fathers brought Sanji apu from the jungle, the mothers brought neha apu from the fields. The flower was used for making bagañ rinyo used to decorate one's ears.


  1. Got confused between neha and pudu appu.

  2. I think hija people call it Bagang Rinyo apu and bagang riinyo tassang is made by cliiping away little chips intermittently.
    Which other villages call it neha apu, I wonder.?

  3. Elders in Ziro to whom I showed some pictures indicated pudu as the name for the Indian Oleander (Nerium indicum), also known as Common Oleander or Rose bay, an evergreen bush bearing flowers which are usually pink or white. Bagan or Bagan rinyo is the name for the local variety of primrose (Primula sp.), a perennial herb whose flowers (of the colour shown on the above picture)can be seen everywhere around Ziro in this season.

  4. As always very beautiful!

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  5. Hari people too call it 'bagang rinyo' Neha apu!! heard it but not seen.