Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yapuñ Yaper

It is always a pleasure to walk the road between Hija and Dutta villages. The road is flanked by magnificent bamboo gardens. What one often miss, while enjoying the walk, is the Yapuñ Yaper – the famous stone that we have grown up hearing about.

The spot where this unique stone was originally located used to be an important landmark in the days when the present road was a footpath connecting the two villages. It got displaced when the road was widened. However, some concerned people took interest and fixed the stone over the roadside drain with concrete mix.

I tried to get the history behind the stone with not much success. Do you have any?


  1. thats not in good condition.. This yapiir deserve better place and maintenance... Why can't we village/Apatani welfare/cultural organisation give it a better home.

  2. yes tutho, there are many other sites like this that need better care.

  3. lost of culture, lost of identity.
    it is shamful that we can;t preserve properly the things which are of our mythological importance.