Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Reptiles of Talle

The story of tabu and tatii has enthralled Apatani children for ages. Snakes have always been mysterious creatures and many a myths are associated with them. It is worshipped as well as feared.

Last year, while I was attending a meeting in the US, I got a call from a friend to help a team visit Talle Wildlife Sanctuary. We were carrying out a wildlife survey at the time, and I said why not. So went the team with our local contacts and they were enthralled with the professional approach of the team.

Here and here are the accounts of the expedition by one of the team members. Enjoy the beautiful pictures of some reptiles and amphibians they photographed.


  1. Hi Kano Sir,
    sometimes my friends ridicules me for my sympathy towards Ziro's wild birds and animals and tease me "okay you shot bird first with yrs camera and then we will shot with gun"... m happy someone intelligent like u is doing lots for Ziro... plz carry on

  2. @tutho, thank you for your kind words. more and more people are joining hands now in our endeavor. let us look forward to handing over to our children as beautiful a ziro as our fathers bequeathed us.