Monday, March 21, 2011


Myoko is at last here. Prolonged preparation has culminated into construction of Nago and sama piniiñ.

Nago plays crucial roles not only during Myoko but in everyday lives of the Apatanis. During the Myoko, Siiki is cajoled to come up in the world of man and to participate in the festivity. Nago is also the place where the all important ritual ropi is performed.

The main attraction of the nago is the piidiñs on either side. Traditionally the structure is roofed with tapo, but bamboos are being increasingly used these days. Tapo retains the advantage that the tapers can easily be inserted into it.

Sama piniiñ is the inaugural ceremony of the Myoko festival. The occasion kick-starts all other processes.

The festival this year is in the villages of Hari, Bulla and Tajang.

Welcome one and all!

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