Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paddy Transplantation and Siigañ

The Apatanis have two occasions in a year when everything can wait but their works in the paddy fields. One is now - time for transplantation of paddy saplings. The other would be in October - harvesting time.

Its a joy to look at the irrigation channels - siigañs these days. This is the time when the water should be flowing continuously in these channels.

As children, we used to put paper boats at the origin of this siigañ and follow the course till it joins back the original river downstream.


  1. Beautiful pictures; beautiful works.

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  3. Beautiful... beautifful.

    Times that so pleasent I passed through. Never realised it would remain green and pleasent forever in grey area of my mind.
    Oh that cool air, that drops of rain splattering around us in the water even while we were planting paddy saplings, oh those moments when we would play pranks on our female patang ajings, those intimate dreams that we shared.
    Pass through me once more, O you gone by times. Feel my heart and refresh my mind, one more time.

    May 12, 2009 4:02 PM

  4. Sulu, thanks for visiting.
    I was in Delhi a few days back and never in a week saw a clear sky (in spite of dramatic improvements in pollution control in recent years). The sky is always covered with a blanket of smog. It is a joy just to look at the clear sky over Ziro and feel the crisp and fresh air everyday.
    Let us hope better sense will prevail upon our people and we will be able to bequeath a beautiful Ziro to our children.

  5. See the traditionnal irrigation system of apatani, which is the back bone of our agri. It is a community maintained system in the form of participatory principle. I am sure there is huge amount lying in the concerned department for such scheme. But till today I have never seen or heard of constructing, reconstructing or repair of such minor irrigation system by the department.Breach of this 'bogo' especially during monsoon is a regular feature. With great difficulty community repair such breach. Can such activities can be taken up by the concerned department? Will somebody bring this predicaments to the knowledge of our political leader or the appropriate authority? Ofcourse, training of some of the rivers is ziro is appreciated but what about 'Tajang kiile' and others?