Monday, April 13, 2009

Potable Water, Enjoyable View

The recently commissioned Water Treatment Plant is one of the welcome developments at Ziro. In contrast to tapping water from the sources in the jungle in the past, a proper treatment plant is functioning now on the hill behind the All India Radio. The water here comes from Seya Piro (source of Seya Kiile) and supplies most part of Hapoli township. The output tank here can store as much as 300,000 liters.

What prompted this blog entry, however, is not the water supply aspect of the treatment plant, but the way the location has been developed. As it is located on the top of a hill, it makes for a pleasant spot to stroll in the evening. The area is well maintained. One can have some of the best views of Ziro from here.

One only wishes the same quality of maintenance is kept up.


  1. The various higher courts in India including the Supreme Court of India have made many rulings advocating right to clean and healthy water as part of Fundamental Rights under Article 21 of the Indian Constitution. Its good that our state government has woken up its eyes. Hope our people will make best use out of it.

  2. Thanks for visiting.
    It is good to have potable water available, but I have a concern on how they are tapped.
    The water for this treatment plant, for example, comes from the headwaters of Seya kiile, which you know is a major source of irrigation water. One needs to think about how much of that water will be compromised. It is significant given the fact that paddy cultivation is the hallmark of Ziro.

  3. That is why, I have commented on the development versus protection and conservation of our natural resources like forests. This comment was made in respect to 'ring road'. Our government as well as civil society should join our hands together and start thinking seriously in this matter. We need to protect and preserve our watershed areas with great sincerity.

    May we sit together and discuss the issues some day? We are reaching the evening of our life but what about our childre and next generations to come? 'Sustainable development' should be the key word. This is the principle that entire world is following now.