Friday, April 3, 2009

Showcasing Ziro

The maiden visit of the President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil to Arunachal Pradesh was an occasion for showcasing the rich cultural heritage as well as potential of the women of the state. It was made an special occasion to showcase Ziro for all the right reasons in the Banquet Hall, Itanagar.

This is the model of the Apatani agricultural system - siigan, hurbu, endi, arge and pakho. Oh yes, and live fishes! In the background is the picture of the view of Ziro from Paku Akhii Putu (seen in one of the previous posts).

The followings are the model of an Apatani house - without walls.

I wish a President visits the state more frequently!


  1. Nice posts..
    Mahan !! Tanii miiju siko da "Chiming-Miiki" kapyo jhesu dokeh ahang.

  2. Great Blog. Indeed the picture does speaks louder than words. Keep up the beautiful work with more frequent updates.

    Best Wishes.

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  4. @tdtara,
    Jije pacho aañ! Sitañpa dokañ doko dacho aayakeñdo nii.


    You bet! Thanks for visiting.

  5. From the photo it is observed that wall on three sides viz nyimii ingya, milo ingya and uko pinda are missing. It is not a good symptoms in apatani belief. It signifies some body from the family may die, if you happened to see such situation in anybody's dream. This point should have been kept in mind. Can anybody imagine to construct such a dwelling house for himself/herself? Otherwise, a good work.

  6. @Tago, thanks for visiting. The house seen here is a model designed to be placed inside the Banquet Hall in Itanagar. Nobody can think of constructing a house without walls for himself, especially at Ziro. This model was the center of attraction for all the visitors for 5 days in the Banquet Hall!

  7. Kanno, I agree it is a model. Have any body explained to our esteemed visitors stating that it is a model and our actual traditional houses do have other three more walls which are missing for the reasons... Has our Hon'ble President of India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil been explained this matter? I am afraid if the Hon'ble President has gone back with the knowledge that Apatani house has only on wall and rest are 'aar paar'. Make it in a little more miniature form but in complete form in all respect.
    It is only my observation, plz don't take it offended. In future we may be little careful in such respect.