Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dusu Katu

We trekked to Dusu Katu, 9.5 km from Hari village and at an elevation of 7,971 feet above sea level. It was not so much the trek, but the place that intrigued me. This is the place from where one can have a view of the place where Dusu Duyu lived – somewhere in present Manii Polyang. He later migrated to Hari village where the people of Dusu clan live now. Interestingly, one cannot see Hari village except the Byara where the school is located at present.

We camped at the peak overnight and when I got up at 5.30 AM and looked down, I saw a lake! This is the lake which fooled the neighboring tribe into believing that the Apatanis have drowned.

Slowly, however, the lake which was actually the mist covering the valley down there disappeared and I could clearly make out Hong village, Manii Polyang, Siiro village and Hapoli.

Great trekking route and great place for overnight camping! You feel like you are sleeping in the air, looking down at Ziro valley.


  1. Superb pictures. Wish to visit the place some day.

  2. Awesome pictures.

    You have brought alive the 'fable' that we have been hearing since childhood...Wish to see and capture that spectacular view from Dusu Katu someday.

  3. lakes..my heart was pounding with disbelief.. until .. another wonderful story.

    I might one day as well trek to Dusu Katu.

  4. Welcome to Dusu Katu and other many similar places waiting to be "revisited" and recognized.

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