Monday, March 10, 2008

Sanji Apu

The lives of the Apatanis have always been inextricably interwoven with nature. Sanji Apu, one of the most beautiful wild flowers is connected with the lives of the people in many ways.

When the parent prepare themselves to go to the jungle to work, the children insist that they too would like to accompany them. The parent cajole the children into staying back promising that they will get Sanji Apu and Neha Apu from the jungle. Here is a picture of the Sanji Apu which I found at Dusu Katu. I will post more about Dusu Katu in the later postings.

Sanji Apu also announce the advent of Myoko festival, the festival of friendship.


  1. Beautiful flower.

  2. Last month I was in Ziro and went around Supyu morey aka forest. Sanji Appu trees were all around. It just was magic all around. Soon Ziro will be wrapped with flowers of semo appu, takum appu, and various other jungle flowers in its most pristine and virginal form. Spring would have arrived as nowherelse in the whole world. Just take a walk round those yassang lembo and subu lembo and enjoy those magical moments. The jungle paths that we trode as a child and those yassang nyatus are no more as lively as it used to be, nevertheless, it is experience worth trying. I just deed week or two back when I was in Ziro. I followed old paths where I used to go to carry firewoods and tend mithuns.
    By the way I thought this flower is called senyi appu.

  3. Congratulations, friend!! You are one of the few people who take time to enjoy nature and take care to relive the day that was.

    Now I also think this flower is called senyi apu. Or it could still be sanji apu. Whatever the name, it is beautiful and has our lives interwoven with it - that's more significant.

  4. That was cool. Please give more information regarding (wild)trees found in Ziro along with good photographs.