Sunday, March 16, 2008

Myoko Piilo

It’s spring time at Ziro. Bright-colored Takuň appu (flowers of plum) can be seen all around the Apatani villages. The outskirts of the villages are adorned with variety of flowering trees, most notably of Sembo (a kind of berry), adding a riot of color to the otherwise sleepy Ziro landscape at this time of the year.

Butterflies of unbelievable variety of colors can be seen all around. Butterflies, by the way, are said to be one of the best indicators of biodiversity of an area. I found this one very proud and dignified:

The numbers of butterflies are, sadly, decreasing these days. In the past, we could see hordes of them playing around on the tracks to the fields and jungles – the aji lembos and yasaň lembos. Not so much these days.

Even without many butterflies, chirping of birds cannot be missed while strolling by a bije lembo like this:

It’s pure magic. A combination of whistling sounds of gentle winds as it wafts by the fine pine leaves and bamboos, the rustle of the dry leaves on the tracks as you walk by and the chirping of variety of birds.

And it is time to join the Apatanis in the Myoko festival – a unique festival of friendship and camaraderie.


  1. Last friday I met one of my seniors who was a Joint Secretary in cabinet Secretariate sometime back and when we discussed about my home town, he lost himself to a sweet reminiscence of Ziro in full bloom during early spring. It happened that as a Jt. Secretary with Govt of India, he had visited forward areas and Ziro happened to be in his itinery. During the disussion, he got so excited that he declared Ziro as most beautiful place he has ever visited in his entire career. He is from Kerala and his cooments did bring some blushes on my face.
    Hey friend, Takun Appu is Peach flower. We dont have apatani names for apple and plum fruits as these fruits are not indigenious to Ziro.
    The flower you have posted is of Semo Appu and not of Takum Appu. Pronounce sey mo and not sembo.
    Good Pictures. Post some more snaps of Ziro in spring.

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    Have you got RSS active in your blog Settings(site feeds)?
    If you don't want people to be able to keep track of your blog via RSS then please disregard this message.
    Sorry I have used your Comments to communicate in this way but I could not find your Email address.
    In case you don't know already, you should be able to delete this Comment with the Trashcan, I think.

  3. Dear gadrannanna,I will check the blog settings. I am new here - just learnt to post.

    Dear yasiyalow, thanks for your comments. I will be posting some more pictures of spring at Ziro.

  4. This is my first visit in your blog....wao!!!! you have really done good job...keep posting!!!

  5. Kanno, One shown in the photo may be moth but not a butterfly. Butterfly will never spread its wing while at rest, rather it will keep its wing upright. Please confirm.

  6. @Tago, it could be a moth, but it was very big and proud and beautiful.

  7. Kanno, There are many facinating butterflies available in NE and Arunachal is one where many endangered species are found. There is only one butterfly Park in India i.e., Bannerghatta Butterfly Park, Bangalore in which I am the Executive Director. I am thinking of coming to Ar.P. to collect some of them. Try to post some butterfly photos of Ziro