Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring in Ziro Valley

Spring is a special season all over the world. It is especially special at Ziro valley. Takuň appu, sembo appu, piita appu. And now other flowers as those of pears and apples. Of the flowers that bloom at this time of the year in the jungle – wow! Sanji appu and neha appu still are the most significant ones (look out for a posting on wild flowers of Ziro).

Spring at Ziro cannot be missed by anybody. Just look at Lempia village while walking up the Laňkhiiň lembo. Red colored sembo appu, white colored piita appu and pink colored takuň appu adorn the village

Everywhere you look, there are colors. Hija village looks very bright from the main road. So do Michi Bamin and Hari villages. Even the sacred groves – the raňtiis are colorful. This is Tajang raňtii.

A view from Sululya at Old Ziro:

Ziro Putu is rimmed with white:

Outskirts of the villages are the best places to enjoy the glory of nature these days. This is Biirii, looking out from Hanoko:

Wondered how the takuň appu looks? Here it is:

Most winter, Ziro valley remains hidden in fog and mist. Though the vegetation remains evergreen, even the landscape wears a cold look. At such backdrop, sudden burst of color with the advent of Myoko piilo has special significance for the local people. One wishes spring comes every month!


  1. Simply beautiful. Hope to see Ziro change its hues and colours as the seasons pass by through your lens.

  2. It's no wonder that the Apatanis make it a point to come back to Ziro for Myoko festival no matter where in the world they are. I think the festival is a pretext. The real reason is they don't want to miss the springtime in the Ziro valley. :)

    Welcome to Ziro in spring!!

  3. really really beautiful..!! feel proud to be from ziro!!

  4. Kanno, Is rantii piisa still alive? Do some research on sacred groves of apatani.

  5. @Tago. Rantii piisa is still very much alive. There is a talk of a road from Dikhu Putu to Myolyang now. I am worried how that will affect the ecology at rantii.

    I have an agenda to carry out a biodiversity survey of various sacred groves at Ziro and looking around for support. Many professional organizations I have talked to have shown interest. Please look around and share with us any similar study on sacred groves elsewhere. I know there have been some studies in Maharashtra. What about Karnataka?

  6. We have done lots of thing. If you wish I can send some copies of the same. Our works have been appreciated in national as well as international level. We have a separate authority constituted under the Biodiversity Act, 2002 and Biodiversity rule 2004. It is headed by one of our senior officers.
    I am sure there is lot of funds available in the concerned department. Please get in touch with the said department in Arunachal. If any help required please feel free.

  7. @Tago, send some copies. You know my email.

  8. Its really good to hear that there are still some people who cares about the biodiversity of our beautifull town ziro. Ate kanno,I really appreciate your work,all we need is initiation. we will always morally support your endeavour and if time comes we give our hand in this moral work. keep it up ate