Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bamboo implements

The Apatanis are known for the meticulous care they take of their agricultural fields. In fact, it is often said they take too much care of the fields. After transplantation of paddy saplings, for example, they have to repeat three cycles of weeding before the paddy is harvested. It ensures that the fields are always clean.

Two days back when we visited Hong village with two American friends, the women had just returned from their works. One of our friends was into farming in Washington. The women asked her whether they do weeding too. Of course they do, but not that much and not in the same way as the Apatanis do.

The Apatanis use an implement called Pallii which used to be made of bamboo. These days, almost everybody use iron Palliis. The method of weeding remains the same.

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