Sunday, February 10, 2008

What's in a Name?

Many people ask how Ziro got its name. Many even wonder whether it got its name from the shape of the valley - an almost perfect circle, surrounded by hills all around: it would look like a 'zero' from above! I don't think so.

The most credible explanation is that Ziro is the name of the tribe who originally inhabited the area centuries ago. They were already settled when the Apatanis migrated the area from somewhere in the north. The Ziro tribe and Apatani tribe lived together for some time, but the Ziros turned out to be very notorious - committing petty crimes and teasing the women. The Apatanis tried to bring some sanity in them but all in vain. With no alternative to pave way for a peaceful co-existence, the Ziros were driven away from the present area. The place retained its name - Ziro.

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  1. Is it Ziro tribe or Tanii Tarii who lived in Ziro?