Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Other Ziro

Before proceeding any further, let us have some interesting information. Did you know that there is a province named Ziro in Burkina Faso in Africa? Its area is 5,139 km² with an estimated population (2004) of 124,600. The provincial capital is also named Ziro. Please find and let us know if there is any other place of the same name.


  1. by the way, what is the meaning of word Zimin???? I always heard people calling Zimin it for green colour????

  2. I don't think the word Zimin, per se, has any meaning. We have expressions like aya-jija, yakho-yalo, kahe-tabe, jie-kiini, and so on. There is no meanings of 'jija', 'yalo', 'tabe' and 'kiini' in the contexts they are used here. Nevertheless, they add additional meaning and beauty to the expressions.

    However, I would be most interested if anybody has any idea if "Zimin' has any other meaning!

  3. wow. i was right all along. some time back, an adi friend of mine asked me what 'zimin ziro' stands for?

    did he catch me off-guard? All I said was, well.., it loosely means 'our ziro' ;)