Wednesday, February 27, 2008

District Museum

Talking of history, the District Museum is the place to have a peep at the life that was. The traditional lifestyle is fast changing and many aspects of life have already changed beyond recognition. The importance of institutions like the museum is all the more apparent in such situations.

When we were children, the District Museum at Hapoli never ceased to awe us. Since the shape of the buildings are round, it was difficult to know the starting and ending points of the exhibits - one kept on going round and round. The quality has still been maintained more or less, though no addition has been made in the last few decades.

A special feature of the museum is that lots of implements, weapons and household goods, not only of the Apatanis and Nyishis, but also of all other tribes in other parts of Arunachal Pradesh are also on display.

Have a good time!


  1. I took my three children aged ten, five and three last to the district museum and they were simply fascinated. To them those displays looked so archaic and too yesterday.
    I also dont find any change from last time I visited, which must have been some twenty-twenty five years back. Neverthe less it is well kept.
    Good surprise I had was when we went over to district library and found many young men and young ladies reading and discussing in most sincere and discreet manner. No wonder, Ziro has so many number of journalists and struggling writers.

  2. Good comments; why do you want to edit?

    Honestly, I don't know how to manage that. Thanks, anyway.

  3. And when I visited the museum on March 9 with US Consul General, the museum was cleaned up and tidied. It gave me the impression of a really well-maintained museum. I wish that is kept up!! And some of the old photos need to be scanned and preserved.

  4. I have the bad habit of uploading without reviewing and editing. This causes lots of grammatical and spelling mistakes, which, at times changes whole context of my intention. e.g I wanted to write budding journalists, writers and poets instead of struggling writers.
    Our visit to museum was during the last week of February. Nevertheless, it was tidy and clean.
    Good work being done by you, Buddy. Keep it up.

  5. Thanks. Be my fellow traveler.

  6. Hi...
    I used to live in Hapoli from 1975 to 1983. I have such wonderful memories of the place. Those days it used to be a quaint little district town with breathtaking natural beauty..quite unparalleled. And you are very true about the meuseum being round and one going round and round.Many a times I get quite nostalgic about the place. I greatly appreciate your efforts to make people aware of the place. It would be nice if you could post few pictures of the Hapoli Bazaar, the road leading to higher secondary school,(it appreared in one of the state calenders), the DC's office...It will help refresh my memory even though I am sure everything has changed drastically now.

  7. @Pushpita,
    Thanks for visiting. This blog is for people like you - Friends of Ziro. Look out for the picture of the place you mention. In the meantime, you may like to visit the DC's bungalow: