Monday, February 18, 2008

Ziro or Hapoli?

When the British administration set its foot in the Apatani valley, they had their camp at a place called Kure, some distance south-west of Ziro. Later, they shifted their camp to a place called Papii near the present Dutta School. Subsequently, the airfield was constructed near the place. Later, the hiilock at Ziro was used by the Indian Army which is still often called Army Putu. It was still later that the administrative offices were built at a place called Hao Polyang. The place came to be called Hapoli. It developed into the small town of today. The area around the Army Putu of Ziro Putu is named Old Ziro.

So, when we speak of Ziro, we refer to both Hapoli and Old Ziro. In other other words, Ziro comprises of Old Ziro and Hapoli. With the expansion of the township today, some government offices are being shifted to Manii Polyang. So, Ziro will comprise of Old Ziro, Hapoli (Hao Polyang) and Manii Polyang.

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