Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Kardo Hills

A Nepali worker was felling a tree down in a forest near Hapoli (Ziro). When the tree was falling down, it changed its direction in the mid-air. The worker was dumbstruck! He explored the site where the tree was originally expected to land. A stone was sticking out of the soil at the site. He dug the soil and discovered that it was no ordinary stone but a magnificent Shiva Linga! That was how the little known Kardo Hill has shot to fame in the recent years.

The Shiva Linga in the Kardo Hills is said to be the tallest one in the world. The place is located some 4 km from Hapoli.


  1. I am still awestruck by the story of tree falling in opposite direction defying the law of 'sciences'....was the story for real...may be supernatural forces do exists;)

  2. That's the 'story'. What matters, I think, is what you think.

    What fascinates me, however, is that the surrounding area is not rocky at all. How a monolith like this would have formed is something to ponder over.

  3. Contrary to what you had observed, what I observed was there are so many rocks strewn all over. I guess, if you remove the soil over them you would find more of that kind of monolith, a sedimentary rock-may be smaller or bigger in size than the one they calls lingam at Kardo.

  4. Anyway, let us give the believers a chance.