Monday, February 11, 2008

What's special about Ziro?

Nothing special. Its just another place. But many features makes one wonder:
1. It is the highest place (5000 to 6000 ft) in the Lower Subansiri district, except, of course Talley Valley (8200 ft). Even Talley Valley is a part of Ziro.
2. The Apatanis, who inhabit Ziro valley are the only tribe who practice wet rice cultivation. The tribes in the surrounding areas - the Nyishis, Hills Miris, Tagins and Adis practice shifting cultivation. It is different matter that the agricultural practices are changing fast today.
3. Other tribes in Arunachal Pradesh are scattered over large areas. The Apatanis were confined only within Ziro valley. One wonders if this is the unique character of the tribe or the place was something to do with this!
4. The place is one of the cosdest in the whole state.
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