Sunday, February 17, 2008

Talley Valley

Arunachal Pradesh as a whole contain 40% of the floral and faunal species in India. The Ziro valley has a good share of this biodiversity. Thirty kilometers from Ziro is the famous Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

At the altitude of 2400meters, Talley is a plateau with dense forest of silver fir trees, pine clad plateau of beautiful grandeur, and a vast wasteland. The area has some of the most important endangered species including the clouded leopard.


  1. I got the feeling that the Silver Firs of Talley are on the decline..prob due to rising temp.The old ones look jaded, there are hardly any young ones.The absence of fish, crab or prawn in the streams there is highly puzzling.The high altitude bamboos are a big nuisance--but apparently a magnet for boars and bears in summer.The swamp is very scary..images of Burus are easy to occur in your summer if you stomp at a point, your partner can feel the earth moving a dozen yards away!

  2. Last post was by me


  3. @Buru. Astute observations on Talley valley flora and fauna. Thanks. A wildlife survey in Talley valley is in the pipeline.

  4. I heard, Talley vallegy has been declared as wildlife santuary and at same time I am also hearing that new settlement is also coming there? How far it is true? Once it has been declared as sanctuary it may be difficult to divert the land for any other settlement or use as because express permission is required from the Supreme Court. Please throw some light.